Happy ThanksGiving? | National Day Of Mourning The Truth About Thanksgiving And The Indigenous People Of America

         Preseason your turkeys, marinade your chicken and wash those collard greens well, for it’s thanksgiving! Settle at your beautifully decorated kitchen table topped with colorful placemats and shiny silverware, look to your left at your glowing grandmother, the matriarch of the family sitting beautifully underneath the warm light of the glistening chandelier. Now, turn to your right and look deep into the past of small pox, murder, enslavement, and forced cultural redefining of the Indigenous people of America. Ahh, this is what Thanksgiving is all about!


It’s simple. We’ve been lied to. Hopefully I can break it down to you to help you understand the truth the lies, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for celebrating Thanksgiving.

1. Myth: Thanksgiving is portrayed in the History books, in films, commercials, and through conversation as if the very first thanksgiving was the same as today. Often times people dress up as Pilgrims and “Indians” on thanksgiving and show a loving relationship between the two over a nice turkey with loads of sweet foods, drinks, laughter, and warmth.

     The Truth: There were years of countless battle between the Indigenous people and the European settlers. Many Indigenous people were already dead and gone by the time the settlers came due to the wide spread disease. It’s reported that about 90 percent of the Indigenous population were killed because of this, however there were still millions of them alive and well enough for the greedy European settlers to enslave, sell and murder. The foods most certainly weren’t the same. So all your cakes and pies turkeys and hams, try some fish and rain water and see if your thanksgiving is as happy.

2. Myth: Christopher Columbus discovered America

     The Truth: Have several seats Chris and who ever made that lie up! How in God’s name can you discover some shit that was already full of people!? That’s like me going to NYC Times square and shouting; “I hear by claim this land DISCOVERED!!!” Yea right, they’d probably lock my coloured ass up, or worse shoot me and leave me for dead in the middle of Times Square for four hours. It’s said that the Vikings “discovered” America having traveled there and received a thorough ass kicking by the Indigenous people who basically said; “Da fug? *grabs bow and arrow*”. Simply put the Indigenous people discovered America. What’s most interesting is that the European settlers had no idea of how to survive and the Indigenous people taught them to hunt, fish, grow and crop, and what poisons to stay away from…and then they killed them off and claimed the land. #iCant



3. Myth: Indians are Native Americans Are Indians Are Indigenous People Of America Are American Indians are Natives….

     The Truth: If you’re confused reading myth 3, you should be! Let me break this bullshit down to you. Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean. As the kid-song goes “…the waves grew higher, and higher and over…1 2 3 independence…” As ignorant as this kid-song is, its widely excepted that Christopher happened upon America after a hard sail through the ocean. When it’s more likely that Christopher had an easy sail. Chris landed on what he thought was India, saw the Indigenous people there and called them Indians. Now how the hell can you land somewhere and just call muthafuckas whatever name you want? That’s like me going to the City Hall of Newark NJ to change the name of  Mayor Ras Baraka to D’s nuts. No shade, but that would be ridiculous no?! And for years after his retirement and death everyone would know him as the great mayor of Newark NJ D’s Nuts! So, when thinking of an Indigenous person or commonly known as Native American vs an Indian person, here’s a little help:

Indigenous – originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.

Native – a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.


IndianMan               NativeAmericanMan

To help you understand demographic and how disrespectful it is to call an Indigenous person an Indian look at how far away on the map these two origins are.


Native Americans are derived from the founders of America the Indigenous people (who are coloured people by the way often dipicted as white, just another white lie!) America is highlighted yellow above. Indians are from India highlighted Red in the picture above. So, Indians are not Native Americans they don’t have the same culture, food, style of dressing, maybe even ideals. Even though older Native Americans still consider themselves American Indian the truth is they’re not, but hey it’s American history for a white man to set a precedent that we blindly follow without question why else do we often consider ourselves black? I hope you think twice the next time you decide to dress up on Halloween  with your feathered hat strapped with a bow and arrow hopping around patting your mouth calling yourself an INDIAN! When you should really have a dot in the middle of your head draped in beautiful garment.

       I truly do hope this has cleared up some confusion. But I urge you, don’t feel guilty, much like the oppression of the Afrikan people in America we now celebrate and give thanks to those who’ve died for us, particularly around February, but often everyday from most. Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, even then, however it wasn’t all happy. So, instead of simply giving thanks to why you are here with your family, give thanks to those Indigenous people who fought, taught, and help raise this country to be what it is today. If you want to find out more on how American schools systems have lied to us simply visit the sites below and read until your breath stank! Ha!


National Day Of Mourning


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#Ferguson #MichaelBrown | Ferguson Grand Jury Announces Decision On Michael Brown’ Shooting And We Have The Verdict HERE:

MichaelBrownMichael Brown was murdered August 9th 2014 by a white cop and left dead in the middle of the street. It sent an outrage through the United States.

Ferguson, Missouri went through a terrible downfall as many people in rage over Michael’s murder looted, and destroyed Ferguson to make a point to the government and the people of the United States that killing our youth, killing our race is NOT ok. Many disagreed about this approach thus many anti-violence marches, and protest commenced and still many were shot, gassed, and abused by white cops in Ferguson. Read More…

Tonight the verdict is in, After a long drawn out speech NBC NEWS reported LIVE and the decision is made. The white cop that murdered Michael Brown for no other reason than racial profiling and stereotyping….NO INDICTMENT! BASICALLY A WHITE COP GOT AWAY SHOOTING AND KILLING A BROWN BOY LEFT DEAD FOR HOURS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

They found no probable cause to convict the white cop that shot Michael Brown. Other than the fact that he was unarmed and running for his life…hunted is more like it. This is crazy!

What’s sad is either way millions are tuned in and somewhere some white man or woman is laughing collecting money from the ratings….#icantdeal 

Many took precautionary measures to make sure their businesses do not get destroyed based on this verdict. Many believed the looting and destroying of the city had no effect, but clearly it did! If it didn’t there would be no precaution, no consideration, but it was, and will continue to be because of the looting and destruction of Ferguson. Hopefully this change wakes America up! Everyone needs to wake up and understand that race is still a serious issue in this Country and this unfortunate event is just one of too many examples of that fact.

The fact that a white supremacy group taunted, and protested against the Afrikan American peaceful protesters for Michael Brown is a huge example of what needs to end! The fact that white supremacy groups are even still allowed in America is a huge issue, one that must be tackled. I could go on and on about the disrespect, the degradation, and the murder of my people, but I’ll leave you with this. Be encouraged, let this event and many like it uplift your spirit to do the RIGHT THING and help each other become a more peaceful place. It can happen. We can do it! #UNITY

To learn more facts about Ferguson watch Chescaleigh’s video below:

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TO FLY TOO FUNK: Ground Breaking Comedian Dave Chappelle Is BACK! Covering GQ Magazine READ MORE:


If you don’t know who Dave Chappelle is you must live on Mars because the deaf, blind, and the most unaware person on Earth (that one friend we all have) knows who Dave Chappelle is. He is the reason Comedy Central is what it is today! He single handily put Comedy Central on the map and brought back true comedy sketching with his hit show; “Chappelle’s Show”. He is simply like no other.

After the public walk-off during the height of “Chappelle’s Show” when Dave Chappelle quit, there has been much speculation of whether or not he will return. Earlier this year Dave Chappelle made an appearance on several late night talk shows including the ever funny “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where he talks about the major 10 nights at Radio City. and his first interaction with Kanye West WATCH BELOW:

Ben Watts

In a recent interview with GQ magazine Dave Chappelle talks what he plans on doing in the coming years. Of course it’s funny, but I actually think this will benefit him…

What’s another thing on that bucket list?
For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can. I love television. The fact that television ultimately made me famous was very gratifying for me. Chris Tucker did it in movies, and Chris Rock did it from his stand-up, which was very impressive. But you know, the thing that people most will remember me for is Chappelle’s Show.If I were to never do anything else, that show would be a culmination of what was a very long and tedious process of me learning how to be in the television business.

So if you could choose, what shows would you guest-star on?
I’d be a zombie in The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I’d be the first black guy to fuck Olivia Pope on Scandal.

Anthony Green – GQ Magazine READMORE…

Hilarious!! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see Dave Chappelle back on Television, I think each show should take what he’s saying and place him in those positions, it’ll be the first in television. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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MUST SEE MOVIE: Oprah Winfrey, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Common, Ledisi And More “SELMA” @selmamovie WATCH TRAILER:

hr_Selma_4It’s only been a few weeks since it’s debut trailer release, but SELMA already has Oscar buzz surrounding the film. SELMA is an American Drama based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights march. During the march, three leaders in the Afrikan American community, Martin Luther King jr, James Bevel, and Hosea Williams, along with John Lewis of the student nonviolent coordinating committee lead the people to march for their rights. It was a historic event that changed the lives of millions today. Not only Afrikan Americans, but across many races, cultures, and classes. The march to this day is one of the most powerful examples of non-violent protesting, marching the 54mile highway stretch from Selma to Alabama.

The film stars David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King Jr,  whom you may remember from the hit movie “The Butler” playing Louis Gaines, the son of Forest Whitaker’s character Cecil Gaines, the butler. It also stars Oprah Winfrey as Annie Lee Cooper, a civil rights activist known for her historic punch to Selma’s Sheriff Jim Clark, along with rapper/actor, Common who plays James Bevel, one of the leaders in the march, and Wendell Pierce as Hosea Williams, also a leader in the march. With a perfectly matched cast, like Ledisi as Mahalia Jackson, and Cuba Gooding Jr as Fred Gray who was the civil rights attorney in Alabama, and the first Afrikan American president of the Alabama state bar, this movie will certainly be one to watch, remember, teach and watch again!


This is a must see movie! Why you ask? Because many still have no idea who these people are and what Afrikan Americans had to over come to be able to live equally. Voting, segregation, defamation, degradation, abuse, murder, and more our leaders faced it all to make sure we have opportunity. It saddens me that when I go into an elementary school and ask the children ranging from 1st grade to 8th grade or high school from 9th grade even up to 12th grade who Martin Luther King is, and they cannot tell me, or pick him out of a group of photos, I worry. So, this movie is a must see. There should be class trips planned around this film, it should be taught in college. Not just this film, but all of them, don’t you agree? Chile’

Check out the trailer below:

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EXPERT ADVICE: Sid Powell Brings Together Atlanta’s Elite Entertainment Professionals | Why Networking Is So Important LOOK:




diy1The words of veteran, working actress Maria Howell. Maria opens the do it yourself film and tv workshop with witty banter and useful insight on what it means to be a working actor. Hosted at the wonderful Southwest Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia, event runner Sid Powell, writer/producer gathered some of Atlanta’s best in entertainment for a free teach, question and response workshop.

Maria Howell continued her comical, and truthful wisdom making sure everyone in the room paid close attention to the importance of how to be a working actor in the business. “Don’t compare yourself…be discerning, don’t waste time worrying…” Take it from Maria who’s been a working actress for over 20 years, these are words to live by. Touching on the hot topic of hair, Maria made sure actress’s understood it’s ok to be a fro rockin’, natural hair having, Brown Queen when going on auditions. She says; “that’s what WIGS are for, OKAY!?”diy2

As the evening continued and the Q&A flowed, next in line to speak was voice actor Kozmo Miller. Tapping in to what it means to be a voice actor, Kozmo impressed us all with his wonderful dialect, and tone, he even did a great impersonation of Denzel Washington. His advice? “Make sure you pronounce words correctly…this is very important, it seems obvious, but many do not pronounce words correctly…speech is used to cause an emotion and reaction, its a very serious science, its hard work…as a voice actor it’s important to take an acting class, and to have a director present during your demo recording, not just any director, but one with a resume and history in the business.” Simple advice, but affirming advice for anyone trying to break into the large, steadily climbing voice acting industry.

_MG_6399As the evening went on, everyone in the room felt the positive energy being released, more people opened up, and you could feel the need for more. Screen writer, and professor Caroline Mungo, with her hilarious delivery gave it to us straight, with personal stories to help us relate to her, and wonderful advice on what it takes to have an idea, Caroline set the room a blaze. Most people in the room were film makers, writers, singers, and actors, so as the information surfaced the more the room filled with excitement you could feel. Caroline focused on “script to screen”. She ensured us, “its not hard to find a job in this business…can you come on time, are you cool and able to work with people for 18 hours at a time, and can you be of service? If you can, you will have a job!” With that in mind many of us sighed with relief. With five steps to creating a screen play and having it come to life, Caroline made it easy for us to see, it’s not hard to do, it just takes belief and work.

- Day dream

- Use what you have

- Be conscience of the business triangle (cost, quality, time) you will always have two of the three, but you rarely have all three.

- Be deliberate, make it work

- and finally, stick to your daydream!

After intermission, everyone hurried back to their seats to get free legal advice from attorney Jerry R. Caldwell, Esq. Talk about informative! He _MG_6406assured us on what it means to be a talent, knowing your self worth, understanding that everything is negotiable, and it’s important to invest in yourself, or no one else will. Jerry says there are a few things he always looks for when representing a client before signing anything; “How long will you be in this, how much and when, what am I giving up or receiving, and always, HOW DO I GET OUT” He was stern in saying; “budget for an actual attorney, many don’t even want to spend 45 dollars to copyright their work, but it’s important that you do!”

Last, but not least, Sid Powell, event runner, and accomplished screen writer closed out the event with an ice breaker and great advice. She made us all close our eyes after walking around the room telling us to look at her, and take her in. Once we closed our eyes she asked us to imagine she was a dancer, we opened our eyes and shared what we imagined. One man had to guts to say he imagined her as a stripper, in which Sid was intrigued. The point of the ice breaker was to get a quick insight on step one of creating an idea, “our brains are everything”. Sid simply encouraged the room to go for it, and she beat into our heads the importance of COPYRIGHTING EVERYTHING!!!

Why networking is so important? Because it helps bring together people from all walks of life you’d never expect to meet otherwise. This kind of networking, the kind that does not involve the prim simply giving a card and sasshaying away, is the kind of networking that’s effective. Talking, dreaming together, laughing, and getting to know each other aside from business, this, is true networking.

This was a magical event, a great networking opportunity, great advice, questions, answers, and Brown folks uplifting each other. We even had the incomparable founder of Black Women Film Network, Sheryl Gripper give a few words, which I’m sure encouraged us all. There’s this myth going around that Afrikan Americans do not uplift each other, rather pull each other down, I say, we uplift each other, I say, we love on each other, I say, we are where we are because of each other, I say, we’ll continue this path of positiveness and blessed energy, and if you missed this event, you’ve missed out on something wonderful, but don’t worry, I’m certain there’s more to come.

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