Jade Novah Spoofs Beyonce’s #Formation “Ya’ll haters corny with that fruit loops is hotter mess” WATCH:


Creative, Quick, And Hilarious…

Jade Novah, known for her Keyonce Bowles character, and her “Beyonce-Accent” does it again! A hilarious version of “Formation” that centers around cereal. Not only does she sound like Beyonce, but it’s actually a dope mesh between spoof, and something you can bop to. While Jade Novah prepares for the release of her debut album, she’s been giving us great music, covers, and visuals, this just adds to her brand. WATCH:

Cereal Slay: Getting My Cereal In Formation.


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Beyoncé Super Bowl Performance & Formation World Tour Dates Breaks The Internet WATCH:


Beyoncé…Well…Did Beyoncé!!

Beyoncé, they say, stole the show. By releasing “Formation” prior to the Super Bowl performance, it allowed fans, and stans to learn the words the night before, which added to the excitement of the Super Bowl performance. She did amazing! Coldplay and Bruno were great as well, but Beyoncé lead with something we haven’t seen in a long while from a mega-super star. She lead with B.L.A.C.K Culture. And yes she had a little gravitational set back, but she certainly did not fall. Some of these bloggers can be so thirsty for a click. Any who, Beyonce made us proud. Not only that, but she announced a World Tour! The Formation World Tour which trended immediately on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all of the top entertainment news outlets…including ours, ha! Check out her portion of the performance, and tour dates below, did you like? WATCH:

According to Billboard The Formation Tour is a first for Beyonce, as it is a stadium tour. “Tickets will go on sale next week, starting with an Amex pre-sale. The tour’s 40 shows will be split fairly evenly between North America and the U.K. and Europe, with Canada and the U.S. to run through mid-June. The U.K./Europe leg will start in mid-June and run through July…”

North American Leg:

Wed. April 27 Miami, FL, Marlins Park
Fri. April 29 Tampa Raymond James Stadium
Sun. May 1 Atlanta, GA Georgia Dome
Tue. May 3 Raleigh, NC Carter-Finley Stadium
Thu. May 5 Nashville, TN Nissan Stadium
Sat. May 7 Houston, TX NRG Stadium
Mon. May 9 Dallas, TX AT&T Stadium
Thu. May 12 San Diego, CA Qualcomm Stadium
Sat. May 14 Los Angeles, CA Rose Bowl
Mon. May 16 Santa Clara, CA Levi’s Stadium
Wed. May 18 Seattle, WA CenturyLink Field
Fri. May 20 Edmonton, AB Commonwealth Stadium
Mon. May 23 Minneapolis, MN TCF Bank Stadium
Wed. May 25 Toronto, ON Rogers Centre
Fri. May 27 Chicago, IL Soldier Field
Sun. May 29 Detroit, MI Ford Field
Tue. May 31 Pittsburgh, PA Heinz Field
Fri. June 3 Boston, MA Gillette Stadium
Sun. June 5 Philadelphia, PA Lincoln Financial Field
Tue. June 7 New York, NY Citi Field
Fri. June 10 Baltimore, MD M&T Bank Stadium
Sun. June 12 Hershey, PA Hersheypark Stadium


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Download Missy Elliott New Single “Pep Rally” On iTunes Released Just Before The Super Bowl LISTEN:

Missy-Elliott-Pep Rally-theblackmedia-2016.png

First Beyonce, Now Missy? Too Much Good Either…

Missy Elliott released through iTunes Saturday night, “Pep Rally” her latest single, right before the Super Bowl. Perfect timing? Or planned? Well according to the lyrics where she mentions; “and yea we get cracking like we up at the Super Bowl”. The song is fire, an inevitable bounce, which is something we can expect from Missy. She’s even trending on Twitter under “New Missy” because fans are confused, is this a legit single? Where Can they get it? Well you know we keep ya’ll locked on all official releases! We can also expect for her to tap into markets most don’t. Colleges who have major bands, high schools, dancers, DJ’s, and clubs will all play this record. It’s genius LISTEN:

Stream Free Below: Or Purchase on iTunes Here


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Beyoncé “Formation” Lyrics & Video Breakdown & Who Is Messy Maya? We Have It Here:


The In Yo Face, But Subtle References Formation Delivers….

Click Here For Video

While most of the lyrics in “Formation” are bold, “cocky-like” statements used to represent Beyonce’s present strength of past insecurities, and repetitious rumors, we can agree that the overall theme, message in text, and in visuals are fitting for todays social issues. Using Messy Mya, a Youtube sensation (tragically gunned down in 2010, R.I.P) who gained popularity from videos posted back in the early 2000s about New Orleans and miscellaneous topics well known for having a boisterous, yet truthful way of spreading the news, added flare and question to Beyonce’s record. It set the tone to start off asking;

[Intro: Messy Mya]
What happened after New Orleans?
Bitch, I’m back by popular demand

Not only is it an awesome ode to Messy Mya, and a very “cool” intro that fans will adore, it raises the question, and causes’ people to ask, and question again; “What Happened After New Orleans?”, which many of us, stopped talking about. The fact that Beyonce, in the video, is sitting on top of a sinking police car representing New Orleans and the terrible Hurricane Katrina effects adds an element of unity, and activism to this video and record.

[Refrain: Beyonce]
Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess

Beyonce even addressed the devil-worshiping, and illuminati rumors. This is the first time we’ve heard the star mention it. There have been hundreds of videos, articles, and references to Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, and more who are linked to the illuminati. A possible secret society that plans to take over the world with money, and technology, and some even believe them to be devil worshipers who gain success because of Lucifer himself. I think people forget, God delivers blessings, and you can gain success from hard work and praising God, which we’ve seen Beyonce do, numerous times, but in true internet-bullying fashion, I’m sure you reading this thinks, well Lucifer was the prettiest Angel in heaven, and the most deceitful. Believe what you want. God Bless You.

Paparazzi, catch my fly, and my cocky fresh
I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress (stylin’)
I’m so possessive so I rock his Roc necklaces

My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bamma
I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros
I like my negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils
Earned all this money but they never take the country out me
I got hot sauce in my bag, swag

A subtle mention of her inherited Afrikan Features, proudly, Beyonce boasts about loving who she is and where she’s from. Often in the industry there is pressure to change your nose, your skin tone, your accent, your dialect, and your hair to conform to white european anglo saxon standards. Beyonce makes it clear that she’s not interested, and loves who she is.

[Interlude: Messy Mya + Big Freedia]
Oh yeah baby, oh yeah I, ohhhhh, oh yes I like that
I did not come to play with you hoes
I came to slay, bitch
I like cornbreads and collard greens, bitch
Oh yes, you best to believe it
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[VIDEO] Beyonce Drops New Song & Video “Formation” | It’s Epic And Fly WATCH:


Beyonce Does It Again. ..


Beyonce, without promotion, in true Beyonce fashion, shoots a music video without anyone knowing, releases it, and breaks the internet. Trending Worldwide, Formation is Beyonce’s latest song. Fans and media outlets are speculating she will be debuting this song live at the Super Bowl this year, what do you think? Well according to ROLLINGSTONE Beyonce was seen practicing “Formation” during her Super Bowl rehearsals, but tis still unconfirmed.

“Ya’ll Haters Corny With That Illuminati Mess…”

This 2016 record is BOSS. It describes how she was born, why she’s the ish, and how she puts it down. It’s Beyonce bossed up to 1000000000. Watch, you won’t believe how ill this video and song is. I’m wondering, will an album soon follow?

Even if you’re not a Tidal subscriber they are allowing anyone, with an email address, to Download The Song Free On TIDAL 


Beyonce even released a clothing line, The Formation Collection which you can purchase PURCHASE THE FORMATION COLLECTION HERE


Check Back For The iTunes Link. It’s proving to be exclusive to Tidal right now, but in true music fashion, not for long, either way you can download it free on TIDAL even without a TIDAL subscription HERE

Check out the references Beyonce’s director Melina Matsoukas makes from the amazing documentary “The B.E.A.T” directed by Abteen Bagheri and produced by Chris Black. I say, cut the controversy and let’s exist in UNITY. Beyonce, nor did the director of the video “steal footage”. The footage was sold to Sundance and Sundance gave Beyonce’s team permission to use it. Afterwards, credit was given VIA Twitter. Enjoy the documentary it’s gripping WATCH:


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