Algebra Blessett ‘Nobody But You’ Single Review

Many of you may not know who Algebra Blessett is, but after this record you will want to know more!
Algebra is know for working with Monica and Bilal as a backing vocalist. Her writing credits include working with grammy award winning India Arie, and she is known for being featured on the hit song “Forevermore” with grammy nominated Anthony David.

“Boy listen, everybody can’t be in my head, everybody can’t sleep in my bed, everybody can’t be up in my face, everybody can’t be all in my space…”

‘Nobody But You’ the lead single off her soon to be released album “Recovery” starts off with a nice piano melody. Some nice accented eighths lets the ears, and the body know this is the kind of song you can rock your head to. The nice bass drum booming with the hard clacks of the drum sticks and snare makes you feel connected to the message of the song. It’s as if each clack is sending a signal to your brain to bop and groove with it and you can’t help but be in the same rhythm.

Some would call this a ‘Chick Record’ BUT WHO CARES!!! Good music is good music!

The lyrics tell the story of a woman in love letting her man know she wants ‘Nobody But You’. The lyrics focuses on how special, and unique, her love is and it’s an ode to the love of her life sticking with her through it all. This song is like a big thank you to her lover. So, a ‘Chick Record’? No! A record about love and loving that special one? Yes!

“I’m willing to go and admit you’re the perfect fit, baby you the ishhh, I don’t want nobody but you, don’t want nobody touching me baby, but you, dont want nobody kissing me baby, but you, dont want nobody loving me baby, but you, but you, ohh oo, BUT YOU…”

The song was released on Essence, and I’ve played it about ten times already! I really enjoy the summer-time feel of the song, the message of love and unity and being okay with having one love, “the one”. Many people today do not stay in relationships or have aspirations to be in one, hopefully this song provides hope to those who rather date, and live the single life, not that there is anything wrong with that, but there’s nothing wrong with being in love with one either.

The vocal art in this song is simple, but magnificent. Algebra colours the song beautifully. She shows off her virtuosic vocal skills and it adds flare and depth to the song. The harmonies are simple yet effective, and when the song changes up it allows the listener to really dove deep into the song giving them another chance to join her in harmony.

Nevermind, what you thought you were in my heart, nevermind what you think you were in my dreams…”

This is certainly a song you will play in your car cruising to work or to a friends house. This is the kind of song that will expand to the world through word of mouth because once you hear it, you got to tell somebody!

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