Erica Campbell ‘A Little More Jesus’ Single Review

Writer: Tahir Register

Date: June 24, 2013

Published: June 24, 2013 7:30pm

If you cannot rejoice after hearing this record you need to fine-tune your heart and soul!!!


I hardly ever listen to Gospel music, not because I don’t love the Lord, it’s simply not a Genre of music I often listen to, but when I tell you I’ve played Erica Campbell’s new record over 10 times within this hour, I MEAN IT! erica-campbell-a-little-more-jesusErica is best known as one half of Mary Mary, the Grammy Award Winning sister-Dou Gospel group, but after this record, she might just be a solo artist after all. If you keep up with Mary Mary on their hit TV Reality show on WEtv then you’d know the group talked about breaking up before, and on June 5th Erica’s new track surfaced, and people are loving it. Erica has always been a great representation of what it means to be a good ol’ Christian woman and this track only pushes that ideal even further, but this time, with an edginess that cannot be disputed. Sometimes taking it back in time allows people to realize just exactly where they come from, with Erica’s poise and elegance, yet sassy feistiness this record is surely A HIT!!!

“mmmmmm I need just a little more jesus, I need just a little more jesus, HEY YEA, I need just a little more jesus to help me along the way…”

Traditional Gospel Rhythm and Blues is back! This powerful effort by Erica Campbell and her team is a movement in disguise. It’s as if they agreed to say FORGET new age Gospel just for a second and let’s take it back to the roots of Gospel were your soul was full, your hands were red from clapping, and your feet sore from stomping!!

Undeniably a southern classic rhythmic Gospel record. This track starts off strong, rhythmic and as Country as can be, but in a good way. At the very beginning of the song you cannot help but CLAP YOUR HANDS AND BOB YOUR HEAD and when the repeated jazzy lyrics begin you cannot help but sing along. The drum break in the song followed by the MMMMMMMMMMMM sound really makes your soul giggle and groove! The call and response technique of the song is another classical approach to Gospel music which is how Afrikan Americans of the past used to remember their music, and how the slaves passed messages to each other.


“…i got too mad and I said too much, went too far and I almost cussed, no my momma didn’t raise me that way, Lord I need a little help today…………………..yes my life is way too hard, BUT AIN’T NOTHING TOO HARD FOR GOD”

Erica Campbell held nothing back on this record. Forget the naysayers who say it’s too Country, all the while tapping their feet and clapping their hands uncontrollably. This record is amazing!

Most people may think the song is not good for her image, but when you’re created in the image of GOD, who cares?!!!!

The record is very reminiscent of southern musicals and movies. The Color Purple featured funky music much like this record during it’s run on Broadway. I can certainly see this song being featured in a Brown musical…

For more from Erica Campbell Check her out :


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