Creepy A$$ Cracka



Yea you,

you creepy a$$ cracka

don’t you know your name?

You the man with the whip

less we forget?

Nah, ohh no you remember

you the same cracka a$$ nig@@

whip in hand and beat my ancestors

my an-sister

and my an-brother

you see you try to flip it and make it seem like WE’s the ones with the problem

but we didn’t start that shit

we’s was the ones getting whipped

cracka a$$ cracka!

Dont you remember yo name boy?

You struck fear in peoples hearts and struck matches at the devils market place

where they sold strange fruit to believers and had us believing that’s what we are worth

nothing more then drunken entertainment for you crackas

while you laughed and deformed our private parts

tarred our bodies and left our families with broken hearts

Oh but you tried it today didn’t you?

A brotha can’t even walk down the street with out you thinking of ways to make our lives hell


Hey boy, can’t I just be me?

big beautiful brown eyes walking safely down my street?

tryna get home before Momma get’s the nerve to beat

why you got to compete?

A race of the races but you gon’ loose this sprint

cuz I got the blood of my ancestors colored brown on my tint

and let’s not forget

his hair was like wool and his feet was like bronze

and there aint no mistaken his skin was like MINE!

so the next time you smirk at your devious plan

make sure you speak truth when you oath on that stand

cuz everything that happens in the dark will certainly come to light

and everything you cooked up on the day of that night

will boldly shine bright and as white as the sunlight

creepy ass cracka

tryna push up on me

what the hell would you SAY if you were me in the street?

“oh no that’s a nice gentlemen walking up on me”

HELL NO that’s a cracka whip in hand tryna get me!

Creepy ass cracka

it’s just like you to play the race card

to confuse the people into believing your Race God

crazy ass cracka ain’t no different then Hitler

believing my skin color is a reason to KILL us

but we’ve revolutionized since then

we’ve become smarter since then

and every second that goes by our destiny is written

so as you sit there with your sweaty palms and underarms

know that we can see through you

and justice will be served

maybe not underneath this GREAT AMERICAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM

but served in the best manner under the Kingdom’s wisdom.

Nah, I aint gon’ lie, I don’t like it, but its truth

it takes a brave man to consider himself a MASSA

but gunning down a defenseless young brown boy?

you aint nothing but a no good, low class


-Tahir C. Register


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