Erica Campbell ‘It Is Well’ Single Review

Erica Campbell

If you remember from my other article about Erica Campbell’s last single “A Little More Jesus” “I hardly ever listen to Gospel music, not because I don’t love the Lord, it’s simply not a Genre of music I often listen to…” but I can honestly say, this record is simply beautiful! No matter if you listen to Gospel or not, you cannot deny the comfort of the song. Erica is showing the world a different side of her, and we are looking and listening. She is boldly standing out as a solo artist and making her presence known!

Erica Campbell is showing everyone in the Gospel world and everyone in the world of music that you can reach people through many genres, techniques, and modes of song, and when it comes to effortless singing and beautiful words in praise of the mighty King, you cannot go wrong. The song ‘It Is Well’ was originally recored and released in 2012 by the group “Committed” and Erica was a feature on the record. I guess it is safe to say that Erica and her team was so impressed with the record that they re-recorded it with Erica Campbell as the lead. We here at The B.L.A.C.K Media believe this was a good choice!

“oooooooooo it is well, with me, it is well, with me, it is well, with me, it is well, it is well, with my soul, love interrupted by tragedy, what will my life be like now? I don’t know that i can handle it, if it’s what you have allowed…”

Erica Campbell’s beautiful voice soars in this new record.

The classical approach to Gospel coming from a powerhouse performer may shock many people, but I think that’s the point of this record. Erica is not well known for her classical training while in college, but after her fans, and her new fans hear this record, there will be no denying that she is truly gifted in the art of voice. The harmonic tones and the Aca-Pella rhythmic approach of the song really allows the listener to hear just how masterful the composition is and how well the voices sound blended together. Erica’s powerful, yet controlled light sound soars sharply in-between the male voices and really adds a subtle punch to the record.

“…My heart’s been broken into pieces
And I’ve had more than my share of pain
Still I do believe that all things will work out for my good
So while in my storm I’ll boldly proclaim that…”

This record is certainly a good song for the holiday. The Aca-Pella technique is very reminiscent of Christmas caroling. Although the song is timeless and can be featured in movies, tv shows, musicals, and more, when imagining your Christmas tree filled with beautiful lights and candy canes, some hot coaco, your family and an iridescent soft fire burning at the fire place, you cannot deny this song would be perfect for the holidays.

The composition in this song is excellent, simply great! The operatic vocal abilities Erica shows in this song is beautiful and soothing…the words are of the masses and this record can do no wrong!

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