Jade Novah Sticks And Stones Single Review


Jade Novah, Youtube sensation, best known for her viral video “Diamonds” a video and song cover of Rhianna’s hit song “Diamonds”. With over 10million views she has garnered a fan base full of Novahcanes that are here to stay! With amazing impressions of a fictional character that looks and sounds like Beyonce, coined Keyonce, Jade is showing no signs of slowing down! This Atlantan star on the rise is going to take the world by storm, starting with the release of her new song ‘Sticks And Stones’.

“You get pleasure from my pain, pain, do ya, feel more like a man, what is it that you gain? You gain? You tell me i’m not good enough…”

Jade opens the song with nice guitar accents and the drum pattern reminds you of a militant or drill drum pattern which adds to the pop musical sound of the overall record. The clarity in her voice really adds a sharpness to the ear that many musicians on radio now do not posses.

The production is amazing, the pop sound of the record really helps the universal feel of the song. “Sticks and stones to break my bones, but your words dont hurt anymore, I’m still standing…”

Jade Novah Sticks and Stones:

This song is simply GOOD! For anyone who has experienced hurt, and heartbreak from
someone looking down on them, and degrading them this is the song to listen to. This song encourages the power of strength over words. This powerful movement is one that many will pay attention to.

When the song changes up it leaves room for the listener to really think about what they’ve been through, to sing along to the powerful lyrics while driving, or cleaning their house, or simply bumping music walking into work. This song is for everyone!

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