Raven Symone Has Had Enough With The Rumors!!!! @MissRavenSymone LOOK


DATE: AUGUST 17, 2013

PUBLISHED: AUGUST 17, 2013 5:00pM

“I’m not dating Ari….”

Many flooded the media waves when Raven Symone posted the tweet about being able tora finally get married. The tweet coincided with the laws of gay marriage being revoked in the state she lives in, many assumed she was gay and coming out of the closet because of this. Although she never confirmed, many in the media world ran with it, I say, LEAVE HER ALONE! Whether this child star turn superstar mogul is a homosexual or not is in fact, her business, if she is and decides to “come out” then we’ll know, until then and afterwards let Raven Symone live in peace. Seems like I’m not the only one sick of it…

Raven Symone took to twitter today to help end rumors that she was dating up and coming singer Ari Lennox due to a photo the two took together.

Raven Symone Has Had Enough!!!! @MissRavenSymone

From the superstars brain, to her fingers, to a tweet, you’ve seen it here first!


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