@DawnRichard Of @DanityKane Set To Star In Her First FEATURE FILM A MUSICAL NO LESS!


As a huge fan of Danity Kane, more specifically Dawn Richard I have often wondered if she would be great in movies. She has had a world wind career starting from a dance studio 993307_403428146445081_949881126_nher family owned to the reality TV show ‘Making The Band’ to finally making the band, to another reality show once she was in the band, to a global melt down break up, to another group, to a successful solo independent career to now rejoining the group that started it all; DANITY KANE. It’s only been a few days since the big announcement that the group will be back together, minus one member, and now Dawn will be hitting the big screen. Check out her interview from Rap-UP.com below…

the singer is making the leap from the mic to the big screen in her first feature film role.

Richard will star in the upcoming musical K. Hebron’s Gospel Soul Rock & Roll, which is set for release in 2014.

“It’s kind of like a gospel musical and I’m really excited about it because I was really picky about what I would choose to do,” Richard tells Rap-Up.com. “With acting I’m more skeptical about it, but I loved it because the role was not me. And I want something that isn’t me. I think you guys will be pleased with the outcome.”

She is also foraying into fashion by teaming up with vintage hipster brand Coal N Terry on her own lined called Lion Ambition, which will launch in September. “I’m doing a collaboration with a really great brand that I’ve been messing with,” she reveals. “I always try to tie my fashion into my music, so I have something really great.”18693_411359385651957_409076269_n

But music remains her first priority. Her Blackheart singles “Judith” and“Valkyrie” are now available on iTunes, and she has reunited with Danity Kane for a new album. The group’s first single in five years, “Rage,” was produced by the Stereotypes. READ MORE HERE



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