Ledisi I Blame You Full Single Review


Ledisi is not rookie when it comes to the music industry. Her undeniable voice has made her the star many know today. Even though she is missed by many, the ones who care to listen, LISTEN! Ledisi is an eight time GRAMMY nominated singer-songwriter. Her style is influenced by Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, and if my ear is correct Opera. She is the consummate soul artist, proclaimed by The B.L.A.C.K Media. She is best known for her 2007 hit song ‘Alright’ which is also when I took notice to this magnificent creature of God.

Since then she has been featured on many award shows, and tributes as the woman that always leaves the audience wanting more, asking WHO IS THIS? One of her most stunning performances was on the Black Girls Rock awards show. Kelly Price, Jill Scott, Marsha Ambroious and Ledisi performed a rendition of “Four Women” by Nina Simone, but it was Ledisi who sent chills through the bodies of everyone in the audience and millions watching at home. She is a force to be reckoned with, and this song is just a taste of what I’m sure will be ughmazing coming later on…

“People keep asking bout this glow I seem to have cus’ I’m just not the same, they say I’m walking different, talking different it’s like all of me has changed, the magic is in my eyes I can no longer hide…”

Now this is R&B!!!! This summertime, easy breezy feel is just in time for the last bit of Summer weather on the East Coast. The 90s feel puts you into that childhood memory where everything was
carefree, forget about the lyrics for a minute and just jam, yes JAM because this is a record you JAM to, jam for a minute. That bass clack, that hit clack, hit clack constant is very reminiscent of old Michael Jackson contemporary R&B real dance music, two stepping music that you can most certainly pop lock to, this song will make you smile!

“O I blame you each and every day, it’s your thought that I’m completely blown away, been building castles in the sky a place for only you and I , I ,  IIIII OOOOOooOoo”

Now on to the lyrics! Ughmazing concept! I blame you, for making me smile, making me feel loved, making me filled with joy, how beautiful is that? It completely complements the music of the record this upbeat record mixed with the love of the lyrics makes you smile, makes you turn this song on 40 in the car driving with your friend annoying the heck out of them and loving it!

This is a HIT! I cannot wait for more from the Consummate Soul Singer Ledisi!


For more from Ledisi Check her out : http://www.Ledisi.com/i_blame_you/

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