Elite Plus Inc. Latest Event In NYC Featuring Jeannie Ferguson

I received my first ever invitation to an event for Elite Plus Incorporation. I’d shot the cover photo for the company’s C.E.O, Trojah Irby-Morgan’s book cover, (My Fat Is Not A Flaw)and designed the letter/color palette that she used for her book and promotion, so of course when I was asked to attend, I did! This was the company’s third annual event that featured successful and upcoming interests in plus modeling, and entrepreneurship in the plus world. The event was held in New York City at a lovely place that can be easily overlooked, The

Pioneers Bar NYC. The bar changed colors from red to green, the atmosphere to the left of the bar was very cafe’-like and homey. It was a great place for an event. There were awesome people in attendance including Shanda Freeman (best known for being a TV Personality and Designer For B.E.T’s Rip The Run Way) and Jeannie Ferguson (Model/Designer).

Overall the event was great. There were a panelist of plus women giving advice to the plus
girls about industry, about loving themselves, and about the real deal in a plus world. Shanda Freeman was the host and she opened up with stories about her struggles, which in return opened everyone up to listening, but it was the spit fire sassy diva herself that really grabbed the attention of all the women in attendance, no other than Ms. Jeannie Ferguson.

Jeannie Ferguson is coined as the only and the first petite plus model in the industry. Her credits include, but are not limited to: B.E.T’s Rip The RunWay, National Commercials (Slim And Tone Leggings), Ads In Pose Magazine, Ebony, and Glamor to name a few! This 33 year old Brooklyn breed is showing no signs of slowing down, not only that, she keeps it all the way real. She gave impressive no BS speeches about living your truth and knowing who you are in the industry. Her go to line was “Don’t email me about something I just said, PAY ATTENTION!” many laughed and agreed.

Ferguson let everyone know that it is possible especially for plus women to have successful careers, but it starts with the truth, realness,reality, and of course hard work. You can find more on Jeannie Ferguson and her clothing designs at: http://biggirlsunited.com/ She is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The event was a nice time, the women seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully Elite Plus Inc. continues this tradition. For more on Elite Plus Inc. CLICK HERE

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