Kanye West Intellectual Interview On The Breakfast Club 105.1 Watch:

I truly understood what Kanye West was saying and this may come as a surprise to many of my readers, but I agree with MOST of what West was saying.

We are conditioned by the system – Words by Michael Jackson

I believe this to be true, mental slavery is most certainly a real thing, so real that the average person cannot believe it to be true, which was the plan. I’m not one to call people genius , but I must say Kanye’s conversation was very ingenious and intellectual. If not 100 percent true, at least he starts the conversation, which is never a bad thing.

Kanye West The Intellect

Although many of his actions, which he feels was not his best moments, I may not agree with, I do completely understand them. I have always been a fan of Hip-Hop and artistic expression and while I do not listen to rap music often, in particular Kanye West’s music, I do love a lot of his works and respect his artistry and the artistry of the rap industry.

This interview is a must see for everyone in entertainment if not only to educate you on secret slavery but to give you a point of view like no other, a view that many do not express or will not express a truth that only a few can handle a truth that has a way of being truthful.

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