Ledisi’s New Sultry Music Video Showing Her Acting And Dancing Chops Directed by Derek Blanks @Ledisi @DBlanks WATCH

1240086_10151678317811482_537533196_nLedisi’s New Video to her new song ‘I Blame You’ is a show stopper! People have been calling her “the new Ledisi” ever since her performance on Black Girls Rock this year, which I attended, but I never saw a new Ledisi, I saw a shell being broken and a woman on her way to her full potential! Check out her performance on Black Girls Rock below.

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It’s been a long wait of excitement since her debut performance on Black Girls Rock showing us her new slim and toned body and her slick and sharp dance moves. It seems dancing in heels with founder @DancingBrandee really paid off!

Well wait no longer, Ledisi is giving us acting chops supreme, sexy intelligence, a look into what it means to be hard working and forgetting about yourself, and realizing you must take time for you in order to be the full you. There are beautiful Brown people all different shapes and sizes, colors and many different hair styles in this awesomely shot and directed new video by the mastermind himself Derek Blanks.

1463697_10151842040466482_1872250632_nIf you need help with the words to the song, don’t worry we got you covered here at The B.L.A.C.K Media Check out the lyric video below, but make sure you click the photo above for an exclusive look at the new music video for the hit song ‘I Blame You’

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