Watch “86” By Dawn Richard One Of The Greatest Conceptual Videos & Songs Ever Made

Dawn Richard


Dawn Richard’s “86”; highly underrated, this video and song is visually stunning, lyrically innovative, and put together as one unit, perfection. An independent release, proving true artistry needs very little money to make magic, to make art!

I am excited for Dawn and the reuniting of Danity Kane, but I must say , now that she’s back, I wish even more she goes solo again!!! Dawn Richard created, with her team, a story. That thing that Michael Jackson had, that alien-like appeal Prince had, out of this world, take me somewhere, take me to … take me to the inner workings of a mastermind? She is!

Updated: April 27th via #TBT

Dawn Richard 86 & History:

Since the release of 86 Dawn has completed her trilogy of albums, and is now acting, and releasing more innovative music. A lot can happen in 4 years, (5 years Sep 26th) and Dawn Richard is not slowing down! Still independent still creating forward moving art. Enjoy!

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