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Hey Readers! This will be the first of many story blog posts where I let you in on a moment in time in my life where I felt special, or something special happened. This time around .. both happened!


I want you to meet, The Hendersons!

They are a family of five. Some would say a complete family. I came in contact with them during my excavation to the greater parts of Jersey. My friend and business partner Aja Johnson and I decided to gather some much needed enhancement tools for our work. The plan was to go to the store to purchase the items we needed, but we became side tracked with some ridiculousness that was happening during the drive on the highway, so instead we continued to drive. Although we “couldn’t stop” Aja had a plan up her sleeve.

After I regained focus from the ungodly distraction that was clouding my better judgement I asked Aja; “Where are we going I thought we were headed to the store…”

She replied; “We are, but I wanted you to see my spot first”

Already I was excited to see what this journey would bring. Together we run Tahir Coleman  Photographi, a high quality Brown owned Photography business that offers the celebrity experience for the common folk. Aja’s spot was inspiration for a photoshoot idea and she wanted to me witness the magic, and DID I!!!!

Nothing would’ve prepared us for the turn of events that took place.

Once we parked the car, we started to walk towards the “spot” she had in mind for the photoshoot. She was very comfortable and lacked amazement from what was around her, she’d been there before, but I, I was verklempt. The lights, the tall buildings, the people, the energy, it left me speechless.

As we turned the corner to the spot she was bringing me to my eyes were lucid with delight as I looked over the lasting waters to the city of dreams! It was beautiful!!!! Together we talked, hugged, joked, shouted out to the sea, gazed in amazement, and agreed; “this is peace”.

In search of a closer way to enjoy the waterfront we ran across a loading dock which had an office. Ignorant to what was going on, we asked for help. In asking for help, Aja, the grounded adventurist, looked at me and said, you wanna go on the Ferry? Of course my


wet behind the ears, control freak-self asked; “Wait, what? Are you sure? Where does it


“Who cares” she said “we’ve got to do this”

And without any hesitation she paid for two tickets to climb ABOARD! I like that about her.

Nervous, we braved the tipping dock and boarded the ferry, when the doors opened we were greeted with warmth and a fabulous deco that made us feel fabulous! There were only about five of us aboard not including the workers and all of us were wearing Pea Coats, the color Black, and we all had scarfs. Talk about coincidence.

We were amazed! We felt so incredible. Not to mention, what a fabulous way to travel, NO?!

The Ferry only took a few mins to get to the destination, we really only wanted to ride so once we got there we took the train back.

IMG_6680God was with us! We had no idea what we were doing. After countless minutes of finding where we should go, and buying the tickets to board the train we were riddled with the most scariest answer someone traveling could ever ponder. Where are we?!

Frazzled and squinting to see the map, a man so kindly minding our business “helped” us. he asked; “Where are you trying to go?”

Confused we answered to the best of our ability considering our phones died and we forgot the street name and what city we were in! Once we answered, he assured us were we going to the right place, and to stay on the train until it stops.

Nieve and confused we settled with his answer because it brought us peace. We had no IMG_6197idea we’d end up 15mins driving distance, and hours walking distance in the wrong PLACE!

But all was not lost. In trying to find the car we found some amazing places. We stopped for coffee, and took a long relaxing walk down the street and there we met the Hendersons!

Keep in mind we thought we were headed to our car, which we were not, essentially we were lost, in a different city, in a different town that looked similar to where we were suppose to be.

After we were given directions to head to the lightrail to get back to the city we were suppose to be in, we ran into the Hendersons.

The Hendersons are a seemingly happy family. They have a son named Jimmy, another named Matthew, and a little girl named Allison. Mr Henderson, a Golf Club Specialist at the sporting good store, and Dr. Henderson the family Psychologist walked slowly along the sidewalk with their children gazing into each others eyes. After that nano second was up, Jimmy who was running a muck and carrying on ditched the family photo. As the rest of the family took a photo Jimmy did his own thing. Matthew, the quiet one gracefully went along with everything, and Allison the nagging cry baby called for her mother because she had something in her eye. Together they made the Hendersons. An “unconventional” family of five, the Mom, the bread winner, and the dad a retail worker. Ahh, what a family!!

We headed to the light-rail, boarded it, and made it back to the city, and finally to the car.

That trip was amazing, we finally went to the store to buy what we needed, stopped the the Bees and ate, and the fact that we fantasized an entire family out of thin air based on a group of five that we walked passed not knowing a lick about them only made the trip that much greater!

We will never forget that night…

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