Googles Epic Fail – Harriet Tubman’s Cartoon Satire Makes Some People Upset ¿ HIT OR MISS ? @NickCannon LOOK



Google posted, as they do every year, a picture depicting the influence of Afirkans during our month of celebration. In past years they’ve done well, but this year they’ve missed the mark!

Some are blindly happy because we are being honored on Google. And some, like me, are not as happy with this Google “doodle” of Queen Araminta Harriet Ross.

Facebookers have been going off about this image and the consensus is;

‘it’s not really disrespectful, it can just be done a different way, a better way…’

Nick Cannon even took to IG about it as well;


This picture of Harriet Tubman, known for freeing the slaves in connection with the underground rail road is not paying homage as much as portraying a fictional cartoon character. It shows Harriet holding a lamp with yellow eyes seemingly walking or leading the slaves to freedom. I guess that is what was meant, but what is being perceived is a funny cartoon of some lady holding a lamp looking off into the distance.

Unfortunately in most schools Afirkan history is not taught to young hopefuls, and depending on what College you go to, there may or may not be a class about it. I say that to say if no one is learning the truths about our culture then showing a cartoon picture of “some woman” without truly understanding this is a real person, by showing a real picture, is furthermore slowly erasing the reality of our history.

We should not be made into cartoons. If you want to show Harriet Tubman, respect her plight and respect the culture and show her as she was.


A cartoon, which is made for comedy, fiction, playfulness, kids, etc. Does not do justice when “honoring” Americas Afrikan Abolitionist Spy who lead hundreds to freedom! And certainly not next to the twisted branches sprouting green leaves next to it …I love Google, but this is a MISS!!!

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  1. I am so sick of people making a BIG deal of everything so small when there are much LARGER issues in this world. People need to get out of their feelings and stop taking everything so personal. I am certain that it is the same people that are not making any type of contributions to this world that are the complainers. Get a life and make a contribution instead of being bitter over a cartoon. It was not offensive and I was surprised to see taht Google acknowleged Black History Month.

  2. To add perspective … accepting everything is not always the way to go either …When people speak they are heard , when they don’t they are not.

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