The Consummate R&B Performer Vocal Bible Brandy Takes Over Essence Festival @trueexclusives @4everbrandy WATCH

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 7.23.07 PMIt’s no wonder the world refers to Brandy Norwood, actress, singer extraordinaire as the Vocal Bible.

At first, I was against this title, as The Bible is nothing to be playing over, or duplicating, but I guess meaning and what’s pure at heart really matters most.

They call Brandy the Vocal Bible because she is the blue print to what many females of today use, and have used to record their vocals on uptempo R&B tracks and modern day Rhythm and Blues. Brandy was one of the first to do it!

Her vocal control is insane, her vocal lows and highs are clear and now that she is adding movement to her daily routines, and stage performances she has become the consummate R&B performer!

Check her out behind the scenes with True Exclusives at the Essence Festival!

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