Jennifer Lopez Spices It Up With Role Reversal In Her New Video “I Luh Ya Papi” Tackling Sexism @JLO WATCH

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(A Still From “I Luh Ya Papi”)

The video starts off with Jennifer Lopez and her friends (dancers) talking and joking with Danny the “record company guy” giving her ideas about her next video. “This is your 10th studio album….” he gives her options, her friends make fun, along with JLO and then decide why not have a music video like the guys do.

“….If she was a guy we wouldn’t be having this conversation at (oil) all …they would seriously have her up in this mansion with all those girls, or maybe even a yacht, you know how they stay doing that yacht scene with Champaign….WHY DO MEN ALWAYS OBJECTIFY THE WOMEN IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO LIKE WHY CAN’T WE FOR ONCE OBJECTIFY THE MEN….”

I hope you enjoy, before the video I must say the song wasn’t doing it for me, but after seeing JLO back dancing hiphop and getting down I love the song and the video, the objectifying guys, although not right either, is a great concept and a great conversation starter. Women are often seen as objects, sex toys, worthless, so bringing to light that darkness people try to over look by putting it in a music video makes this video worth writing about. ENJOY!

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