Fro’s Are Back In Style! Erica Campbell Fiercely Covers Root Magazine @ImEricaCampbell @RootMagazine LOOK



If you know me, then you know I love Fro’s. I love all things Afrikan culture in America and in the mother land.

Erica Campbell rocks this cover! I saw pictures of it on her IG a while back, but this is the ultimate cover. Dare I say , one of the best magazine covers EVER!!!

She’s sleek, fashionable, stunning, and sexy all in one. I bet the Church aint mad at this one, as if to say this doesn’t evoke the same kind of “sexual content” they claimed this pic to give off… BdFMZpWIcAAWn4S.jpg-large

Let it go, get over it, she’s hot like this , or like that. Just because she’s a christian woman does not mean she has to be ugly , unfashionable, or unappealing. Some women are just BLESSED! She could be wearing a garbage bag and there will still be millions of people who find it attractive.

Hey as long as she is doing great things, having great morals, worshiping Jesus Christ, and living right by her Husband, WHY YOU MAD?!!!!!!

Buy that new alum when it hits stores! #GETHELP

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