Anthony Anderson Produces New Sitcom “Black-ish” Starring Tracee Ellis Ross And Laurence Fishburne @black_ishabc LOOK


September 24th ABC’s new comedy “Black-Ish” starring executive producers Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne co-starring comedic actress Tracee Ellis Ross hit’s Wednesdays at 9:30pm. 

Since announcing the release early this year the Afrikan community in America sounded off. Many were in an uproar about the title and the possible continued negative portrayal of Afrikans on television. Some complained that reality tv shows like “Love and Hip Hop” and “Basketball Wives”0c4375279e1afd1b590f6a706700e61d and even the hit Tv show “Scandal” portray our women and men as sex craved, animal-like, “ratchet” individuals. The community is worried this new comedy will further more wrongfully influence America into believing the stereotypes trending on those of the Afrikan diaspora.

The BLACK Media is here to report good news and solitude. While many tv shows depict Afrikans as 2 dimensional, un-evolving, unintelligent human beings… we are here to proudly tell you “Black-Ish” IS NOT GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM

After further reading, listening to interviews, and considering the integrity of each lead actor, I now know that “Black-ish” will not only present Afrikans in an appropriate, long over due light, it will make history as the first of it’s kind. No one is fighting, calling each other the n-word, or bitches, no male will disrespect a woman on this show, and everyone is well spoken, career-minded go getters with a positive outlook on life…

“Black-ish” is a comedy centered around a middle-class bi-racial family living in the suburbs. It chronicles real life situations and possibilities touching on hot topics like bi-racial women and men, Afrikan history, culture, creed, class, and race. Through comedy you’ll see first hand what many families go through. READ MORE

So for all of you out there hoopin’ and hollering about the portrayal of Afrikans on TV stop shouting at this show, and maybe, just maybe, turn VH1 OFF! Check out the trailer below.

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