Harlem Born Rapper LiL’ Mama Is Not Holding Back With Her New Mixtape “Lyrical Purge” So She’s So New York @LilMama


Harlem born, Brooklyn raised New York hip hop artist Lil’ Mama is not holding back! The rapper turned actress as seen in The TLC Story as Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, has taken a short hiatus from the rap game. With over 1 million fans on Facebook and with hit songs like “Lip Gloss” and “Shorty Get Loose” Lil’ Mama’s fans have been waiting for some heat. As promised, vBBRkxYkher fans got exactly that!

After dates with TLC featuring Lil’ Mama, red carpet events, and interviews on Wendy and Vlad TV Lil’ Mama prepared her fans for what the public now knows as the “Lyrical Purge”.

On July 27th Lil’ Mama surprised us all with the 0 to 100 freestyle video. It was gritty, witty, and absolutely lyrical as she stood outside what seemed to be an urban neighborhood and let us know what was on her mind. To purge is to get rid of an unwanted feeling, and I guess with lyrics like;

“…ya’ll confused kats ya’ll leave me that, for thinking I was dead cause’ all the functions ya’ll don’t see me at…..lyrically you run up on me and it’s broad day, literally i’ll leave you dead in hallway”

she is certainly purging what’s been building up for a long time, and spitting that fire at the same time!

For more music from “Lyrical Purge” visit: SoundCloud

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