Faith Evan’s Releases New R&B Smash “I Deserve It” Music Video Directed by Derek Blanks @FaithEvans @DBlanks WATCH


Faith Evans “I Deserve It” Feat. Missy Elliott And Sharaya J

This new record by Faith Evans came at a perfect time! We all have said, or heard someone say, when is real R&B coming back? Who better to bring it full circle then the legendary trailblazers of R&B Missy Elliot and Faith Evans? Newark, New Jersey born Faith Evans is giving the people what they expect from her with the return of Missy Elliot still killing the rap game and introducing her new artist, also from Jersey by way of Jersey City, Sharaya J, who funks it up with a nice speed rap outro, this is the song we’ve been waiting for.

This new song is the best record to begin a new season, we bumped all summer to it, bought it on iTunes and now we can enjoy the visuals. The video was shot and directed by Derek Blanks in HotLanta! The comical story telling music video is the great cherry on top. Keep blazing the track ya’ll and watch the video below!

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