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IF the blurred picture above showing a man with his brains splattered from being shot in the head, left dead in the middle of the street disturbs you, it should! If not, I fear you will not appreciate this article. We are killing our society, and Social Media is helping.

For years now we’ve been introduced to this disgusting behavior. People posting murders, fights, abuse, animal cruelty and more have been a fad of social media for way too long! Even writing this article disturbs me as it is adding to the desensitizing of our people, however, learn from this article and take it for exactly what it is, which is awareness and a solution to this epic problem.


While posting murder videos/pictures similar to the blurred image above are seen fewer than most, it is still a problem. It must be stopped! We must stop! While some people have great intentions to post videos to show the evils of the world, some with messages; “this is disgusting”, “pray”, “how could he/she” etc. understand that posting DOES NOT HELP THE CAUSE. It further desensitizes us. We should never be used to seeing the evils of the world, yes they happen, but we should feel aggressively abhorred when we see it, and having videos online as if its the craze of the week has, and will continue to force us to see murder and more as something less than horrifying. “It’s the constant that kills the conscience.” -T.C.R

We are truly destroying our community. There are 1000s of videos with Afrikan American women and men fighting and abusing each other. We laugh, share, play and replay these videos, for others, and alone to ourselves as a nightly laugh, and we rally at who’s winning and who deserved what. This is a major issue! Many are already completely desensitized to this viral epidemic spreading around the Afrikan community in America, more specifically your neighborhood. It has gotten to the point that people now, almost instinctively revert to their cell phones whenever they see, or are in a fight with the intention of recording and going viral. Many have been seen saying things like; “World star hip hop here we come”, “This is going online” etc. While sites like World Star Hip Hop are not solely to blame, the fact that people have verbalized what seems to be a massive agreement, is a sickening issue for Afrikan Americans and we most follow with solutions to fix this virus.

In my rage, I decided to research what I know to be true about the unfortunate mentality of my ancestors that has been passed on to their offspring, and into the minds of many us today. Quotes like; “I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves”, out of the vile mouth of willie lynch in 1712, came to mind. 302 years ago, murderer, slave owner, and evil incarnate willie lynch gave a speech detailing; a way to keep Afrikans enslaved “for 300 years”. 302 years later, many “techniques” he developed have unfortunately stayed with us and are extremely evident today. For example, here’s an excerpt from his speech;

Above are the words “he spoke”, highlighted are what still remains in 2014. He outlined common differences among Afrikan slaves and amplified them to keep the race enslaved hundred of years later.

Shocking isn’t it? We are constantly showing and proving his words. We have all seen in movies, social media, and in person these kinds of differences that divide us. We’ve all been victim to these theories. We fight each other, we kill each other, and we degrade each other for many of the things planted in our heads, and today we remain distrustful of each other. We are constantly posting videos of one another fighting and presenting to the world a savage-like version of ourselves. We are unaware of our mental enslavement so much so that I know for a fact that most of you reading this will not understand. How could you? It’s unbelievable, but It must STOP!

And while many will combat that willie lynch ever made a speech, or was ever a real person, even if it was published in 1970 and created, the fact is, does it exist? Yes! So, let’s find solutions to the problem, and fix it.


The solution? Stop posting, and re-posting videos of this nature. While there are more problems bigger than this social media epidemic, this is one we can control. We’ve got to start somewhere. If you see someone post a distasteful video, ask them to take it down, report them and the video, and clean up the social web. It’s not enough to remove them from your friends list. We are each others keepers, look out for the generation of your own before you and after you because we are all effected by the evils of the world, but we can all change it! Educate, make yourself aware, and share with others the truth. We are our past, and in order to know were we are going, it is imperative that we know where we are from.

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