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Ryan Leslie On Hot97 With Ebro, Laura, and Rosenberg

Having been contacted by Ryan’s people to join a few months ago about this idea of his, I say it’s pretty legit. At the time, I was not ready for what they were asking, however, it seems like a great idea. If it fits you, as a new, talented artist willing to work, go for it! For me, it sounded great, if you’re wondering why I didn’t go forth, it was because I’d recently went through a big loss and was recovering from it, and still is. I wasn’t ready, but for new artist reading this, I’d say give him a call, there is no hurt in trying.

Ryan Leslie’s number: +1-915-600-6978

Ryan Leslie’s email:

This passionate Harvard graduate, singer-songwriter is serious about his business. Watch as he schools Hot97 on what it means to get money, keep money and make more money as a new artist, entrepreneur, and business person. He introduces a new way to know who your consumers are and how to capitalize off of knowing. Watch below…

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