Millions Nation Wide Learned How To Become A Greater Human Being And We HAVE THE SECRET WATCH

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Comedian Sheryl Underwood teaches millions the secret to being a greater human being. As a rule of thumb, based on the Bible and its teachings, it is said that we are all great because we come from greatness, The King…God. Well, Sheryl Underwood has cracked the code to the answer; what does it take to get to the next level of greatness? In an episode of THE TALK, secrets round’ the table were revealed. However, It was Sheryl’s secret that made everyone tear up, applaud, and unify when she exposed her truth.

Sheryl Underwood explains she was suppose to be an original Queen of Comedy. After turning down the first run, she wanted to join the second run if they were to do it. On a conference call with the ladies, with the exception of Mo’Nique, Sheryl Underwood could not believe what was being said about her, unbeknownst to the ladies on the phone, Sheryl could hear them. She listened quietly and took down notes, but it was her actions afterwards that holds the secret to becoming a greater human being.

Watch the video below and learn what it takes to ascend into being a greater human being:

The Secret You Ask? It takes great strength not to react to someone hurting you. It takes even greater strength not to hold it against the other person. You will always be rewarded for the great things you do, even if you believe no one sees it. It is seen by God.

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