Lil’ Mo Releases New Record “Should’ve Never Let You Go” Lyric Video | A Potential R&B SMASH HIT @thelilmoshow WATCH

Writer: Tahir register

Date:september 23, 2014

Published: 2:08pmLiil-Mo-Cover-for-One-sheet-CMYK-4-300x300

R&B Diva, Lil Mo recently signed to Penalty ENT. She will be releasing her new project “The Scarlet Letter” Oct. 27th 2014. Her first single; “Should’ve Never Let You Go” has just hit Youtube with an awesome lyric video to go along with this traditional R&B record. Lil Mo never disappoints when it comes to music. Even though it has been a while since we’ve heard an album of her’s, excluding the turnt up mixtape “No Shit Sherlock”, I am pretty sure it will be as good or even better than the ones released before. So far, I cannot stop playing “Should’ve Never Let You Go”. It screams R&B, and Lil Mo! Even though the lyrics are of pain, and regret, the production of the music will most certainly have you rocking hard, hitting the ones and the twos with your head, bobbing and swirling, clapping, and having a great time.

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Check out the lyric video:

Order her new album “The Scarlet Letter” and receive a free mp3 download of the new single CLICK HERE


  1. iMight
  2. Money Moet

  3. Ride

  4. Handsome Complicated

  5. Should’ve Never Let You Go

  6. Wait For You

  7. Permission

  8. Just Not That Into You (JNTIY)

  9. Chest Pain

  10. Watching Me

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