IN HER OWN LANE: Coco Rap Goddess Azealia Banks To Be One Of The Greatest Rappers Of All Time @AzealiaBanks SEE WHY:


Writer: Tahir Register
Date: september 26, 2014
Published: 10:46am

AZEALIA BANKS is most certainly in her own lane. This Harlem born singer-rapper is the best thing that has happened to music ever since Azealia-Banksher viral release “212” in 2011. Since then she has released “1991” her explosive viral EP which garnered songs like; “1991”, “Liqourice”, and “Van Vouge”, which she released a music video for each song, and achieved millions of views on Youtube. Azealia Banks then went on to release a mixtape titled; “Fantasea”. She had viral hits like; “L8R”, “Atlantis” and “Luxury”. This young rap star is what music needs right now.

Her rap style is not of this time. Her influence comes from the house-music era. Songs like; “Show Me Love” by Robin S, which Azealia often sings at live concerts, have a clear influence on some of the music she releases, and her vocal style.

maxresdefaultNot only does this Harlem native rap, she also sings, and sings very well. Her mid-tone, powerful, slurred, and a bit raspy voice really goes well with the kind of music releases. It’s a perfect marriage. Unlike many who try to sing and rap, she can actually do both, if not only one if she chooses to, however its nothing like hearing her sing and bust into a rap like in her song “Luxury” below:

Azealia Banks recently got her wish when she asked to be released off her label. Now that she is a “free agent” she can, as she says; “be the dope indie artist” she always wanted to be.

Her album is set to be released soon, and we’ve been waiting for it. The album titled; “Broke With Expensive Taste” features her new singles “Heavy Metal And Reflective” and “Chasing Time”. Both records are some of the most creative, visionary sounds I’ve ever heard. Take A Listen Below:


IS SHE NOT THE HOTTEST RAPPER/SINGER OUT!? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Love, Love, Loved your piece on Azealia Banks. I have been a fan of her unique style of hip hop for the past two years and so happy more and more people are waking up to her contribution to the culture.

  2. We here at THE BLACK MEDIA thank you for your comment. We too love Azealia Banks and have been excited for her since 212. Please share this article and let others get a true taste of this rap coco Goddess! Thank you – TBM

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