Justice: The White Man That Murdered Jordan Davis in 2012 Found GUILTY

TODAY Justice was served. The white man who murdered, in cold blood, 17 year old Jordan Davis in 2012, while visiting for a wedding in Florida at a Gas station has FINALLY been convicted of 1st degree murder. The murderer will be facing 75 years life without the possibility of parole!

This is a joyful day, but also a day of sadness. We send our deepest condolences to the
Davis family and his friends.Why did it take two years to convict this murderer? Was it because of the colour of Jordan Davis’s skin, or the skin of his murderer? We’ll never know the true answer. What we do know is a white man shot up a vehicle killing an innocent young Brown man.

DO NOT think we have come far, because we have not, there are still ONE too many cases of our Brown boys being murdered by white men, this is just one win for the millions of lives lost since before this case dated all the way to slavery. Yes, I went there because so many of us try to forget that white men have always murdered Brown men and women in this united states.

Or don’t you know you’re history?

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