HISTORY: Rosie Perez The FIRST Latina On DayTime TALK? That And MORE @WendyWilliams Interviews @rosieperezbklyn WATCH


Rosie Perez, know for her unique speaking voice, and starring in movies like; “Do The Right Thing” is now co-host of the legendary daytime talk show “The VIEW”. Wendy Williams campaigned for Rosie to be on “The VIEW”, We don’t know if it worked, but now Rosie Perez may be the first Latina on Daytime talk! It’s sad that it took this long, but now there are two, Adrienne Bialon and Rosie Perez! See what Rosie Perez has to say about Kanye West, and more…

She is a great person to interview and I love her on the view…I don’t know if she’d be willing to do it, but I’d watch ROSIE, the first Latina daytime talk show starring Rosie Perez!

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