Alicia Keys New Record “We Are Here” Is Not Only A Song But A Movement SIGN UP TODAY @weareheremvmt @aliciakeys LOOK:

 Alicia Keys has always been an active, activist. Many say they are activist, which they may be, but Alicia Keys is always in the community, lending a hand, and making change in a huge way. We Are Here Movement is yet another great mission she has blessed us with. The message of the song is clear. “We are here, we’re all here for all of us…..that’s why we are here” so, sign up today! Join the movement, it takes more than one voice to make change in the US government, signing up with this group, you will be apart of a bigger voice.

I signed up! It’s easy! Visit: WEAREHEREMOVEMENT After you sign up tweet a picture to @WeAreHeremvmt


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  1. Thank you Alicia Keys, for bringing a powerful highly noted group together. This message was direct, and effective. I’m proud that I am black! In great company with ALL my sisters and brothers that represent humanity and love. I’m here and I’m in for #Change

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