RAW: Azealia Banks Speaks Painful TRUTH, Tearing Up, The Challenges Of Being A Black Artist @AZEALIABANKS WATCH:

Azealia Speaks

Say what you want about the Cocoa Rap Goddess, but watch what you say! This Queen, only 23 years old, single handedly defined the state of music and entertainment, race, class, and culture in the United States. Passionately, Azealia Banks, the “212” viral sensation spoke intelligently about the erasing of Afrikan American innovation, creation, and presence that literally reigns supreme in the US, but is often looked at as ownership of another race.


In this riveting interview with HOT 97, Azealia Banks gets personal, passionate, raw and uncut! Shit even made me cry, when its the truth its nothing you can do but feel, and share empathy. She speaks about her feelings towards Iggy Azealia, TI, Tiny, Executives in the music business, and how the media portray her as a bitter black crazy woman, when its so far from the truth! Aside from having one of the best rap albums/albums of the past century,

Azealia Banks is proving she is not just a catwoman; a free spirited, untamed, warrior, but a vulnerable aware Human being grateful for those who’ve come before her, knowledgeable of what, and where she comes from.

I can tell you first hand, Azealia Banks is ANYTHING but crazy, or bitter, yes B.L.A.C.K, but she is so much more than that. Azealia Banks is the next reason to get inspired. She is what many try to sweep under the rug, but with knowledge like this, passion like this, and the will to go on in spite of her enemies, Azealia Banks is already a legend. Check out the interview below.



“…Whats your perspective on it?”

Azealia Banks;

“Hum…Ok so here’s the thing with Iggy Azealia, this is the thing, I feel just like in this country like, just in this country whenever it comes to our things like black issues or black politics or black music or whatever theres always this like undercurrent of kinda like a fuck you theres always like a fuck y’all niggas like y’all don’t really own shit like y’all don’t have shit you get what I’m saying?…



Azealia Banks;

…And that Macklemore album wasn’t better than a Drake record.


“And Macklemore admitted his album wasn’t better than Kendrick’s”

Azealia Banks;

You know what I mean that Iggy Azealy shit is not better than any fucking black girl thats rapping today you know and when they give those awards out cause’ the Grammys are suppose to be like accolades for artistic excellence you get what i mean Iggy Azealia is not excellent you know and the message i – i see when i see these Grammys being given out like these cause’ it- cause’ its – it’s bigger than just like playing the shit on the radio and – i dont give a fuck you know what I mean like thats fine bitch like do what you’re gonna do, but its – I have a problem when you’re trying to like…say that it’s hiphop and you’re trying to like put it like up against black culture like even like you know like Nicki Minaj over the past two like two three four years has done so much to kinda create this like social presence and this like hold on just like you know kind – just like social consciousness  and then here you go like ok so she’s like re up and re and roman reloaded then here you got fucking Iggy like reclassified like you tryna smudge out you know what i mean its like your tryna like its like a cultural smudging is what i see and when they give theses Grammys out all it says to white kids is like oh yea you’re great you’re amazing you can do whatever you put your mind to and it says to black kids you don’t have shit you don’t own shit not even the shit you created for yourself and it makes me upset… in that way….”

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