SOUL Exposé: Nicki Minaj Most Revealing Interview Tears Flowed True Strength During Heartbreak @NickiMinaj WATCH:

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          On Dec 17th Nicki Minaj sat down with the Legendary Angie Martinez for a promotional interview for Nicki’s new album “The Pink Print” they had no idea the conversation would take this turn. Recently Nicki Minaj went through a terrible break up. Many speculate SB, Nicki’s hype man, and wing man to have been the cause of this “new Nicki”, but I think who it is, is irrelevant.

          Nicki Minaj is human. A phrase that is so painfully obvious it almost sounds ridiculous when saying it, but unfortunately people seem to forget. Real emotions, real feelings, a real soul exposed. No matter if you dislike her rapping, style of music, or fashion, you will understand and sympathize with Nicki as a woman, and a person who has gone through heart break.

          During the interview Nicki Minaj was asked about her recent change in her love life, exposing her raw feelings she opened up to Angie Martinez about her recent breakup. We all can recollect breaking up with someone we’ve loved and wanting so badly to call them and tell them the new good news of our life, but cannot due to the recent breakup. When explaining the difficulty, Nicki Minaj, had a break down. The camera goes off and when it comes back Nicki Minaj is gathered and a spin on Angie’s part was tarnished as Nicki held her head high and continued to speak about her pain.

If you haven’t already purchase The Pink Print as Nicki reveals more of her soul on this album which she claims is the most excited she’s ever been, the most confident. The album is great, the emotion is certainly there and I hope Nicki can pull it together and show more of that happiness that she is experiencing. This interview will forever go down in history as one of the greatest Angie Martinez interviews ever!


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