RADIOREALNESS: King @LoveBScott Is Back On RADIO In His New Podcast The B. Scott Show And It’s HILARIOUS! LOOK:

11351286_10152923756237894_3422416045025308733_nMost people know B. Scott from his hit youtube series Love B. Scott, which reached over 20million views and climbing. B. Scott is one of the first successful entertainers to transition from the “Youtube world” to the real world of entertainment, hosting, red carpets, music videos, and radio with Jamie Foxx’s radio show The Foxxhole. Continuing success B. Scott hit the jack pot when he dabbled in to entertainment blogging becoming a successful blogger, and writer with Now he’s back on radio, on his own show, The B. Scott Show

Podcasting is a rising form of media that is formatted in a radio friendly familiarity, but without as many limitations.

B. Scott’s first episode features Ray J, and a bunch B. Scott’s friends, lot’s of laughing, celebrity news, and exclusives. It is the B. Scott we’ve come to love, and for those of you who don’t know who he is, after this first episode, you’d want to know



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