#CAPTURED: 9 Reported Deaths In South Carolina Charleston Church Shooting The Nation Prays LOOK:

By: David Goldman

My first thought when reading about this tragic story was, NOT AGAIN! Black lives are clearly under attack, the movement has started, and we are sitting ducks. An armed, crazy white man has killed several Afrikan Americans, reportedly because ‘they are black’. The disturbed young man spent an hour inside of the church at a prayer meeting before opening fire.

Sick and twisted the murderer saved the life of one Woman whom the devil spared so that she ‘can tell them what happened’. The suspect has been captured, but not before ruining the lives of so many, and making sure his evil was broadcasted for millions like him to follow suit. I’m almost certain the sick and twisted people in Hollywood will find a way to make a movie out of this and probably cast Rachel Dozezal to play one of the Black women who were killed…more story here

I would post a picture of this racist, but I do not want him to be exalted in the media any more than he already has, #BLACKLIVESMATTER But for some reason that hashtag…just isn’t sticking ….

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