#CHARLESTONSC: President Obama Delivers A Unifying Speech About The Recent Tragedy @POTUS Happy #Juneteenth LOOK:


(Updated 6:35pm June 19th)

Happy Juneteenth! – read more about it HERE

Today marks the anniversary of Juneteenth, and irony just isn’t the word! Years ago, 1963, a bombing took place in Birmingham Alabama, where a white sick racist bombed a church and killed four beautiful girls, senselessly, not that killing with sense is any better. And today, another white devilish male, this time in Charleston Carolina walked in, waited an hour, and then shot up a church that killed 9 people of colour… (read more about it HERE)

Today The WHITE House on Facebook released a short clip of our President giving another speech concerning recent events watch below:

‘It is not good enough simply to show sympathy. You don’t see murder on this kind of scale with this kind of frequency in any other advanced nation on Earth. Every country has violent, hateful, or mentally unstable people. What’s different is not every country is awash with easily accessible guns. And so I refuse to act as if this is the new normal.’ —President Obama on the need to take steps to reduce gun violence

Yesterday President Barack Obama delivered an excellent speech listen below:

‘Michelle and I know several members of Emanuel AME Church. We knew their pastor, Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who, along with eight others, gathered in prayer and fellowship and was murdered last night. And to say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families, and their community doesn’t say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel.

Any death of this sort is a tragedy. Any shooting involving multiple victims is a tragedy. There is something particularly heartbreaking about the death happening in a place in which we seek solace and we seek peace, in a place of worship.

Mother Emanuel is, in fact, more than a church. This is a place of worship that was founded by African Americans seeking liberty. This is a church that was burned to the ground because its worshipers worked to end slavery. When there were laws banning all-black church gatherings, they conducted services in secret. When there was a nonviolent movement to bring our country closer in line with our highest ideals, some of our brightest leaders spoke and led marches from this church’s steps. This is a sacred place in the history of Charleston and in the history of America.” —President Obama on the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina’

This MUST END!!! But who is in my corner to protect me!?

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