INSPIRING: Celebrity Blogger @NecoleBitchie Gracefully Ends Her Reign @IAMNecole Pens Beautiful Open Letter READ:


This is sad, but beautiful…

Necole Bitchie, known for her hit celebrity gossip blog has set her self free! This comes as a surprise to me, especially since I was just emailing her about writing for her blog. I wonder if it was something I said about TheBLACKMedia that made her tip the scales…maybe not, but I’m glad God brought her to, HER TRUTH, and no one else. Necole tweets; “If I’m not relevant for the right reasons, I’d rather not be relevant at all…”

| We Hope Tears Of Joy…TheBLACKMedia shared a photo to Necole that made her cry |

Which pretty much sums up her meaningful split from the site that took her from “practically homeless” to one of entertainments most sought after blog sites for celebrity news. Check out excerpts from her beautifully penned open letter;

“This is probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do…

And I will cry after I write this.

I’m am very sadden to announce that today is my last day as a ‘celebrity gossip blogger.’ It’s also my last day running the site as you know it,…”

“I continued to notice that I was experiencing more fulfillment and success from women coming to me on the street and saying, ‘Your story inspires me so much!!’ than I did the ‘you got all the tea, I love your celebrity blog!!!’ I was getting more fulfillment out of speaking engagements, panels and inspirational interviews than I was flying to a luxurious location, given freebies and standing next to someone famous. I began measuring my success not by the amount of people who read my blog, or the money I made, but by the number of people I was able to touch, motivate and inspire.

I also started to realize what purpose was – and I knew to be happy, I had to start living a purpose-driven life. I had to start thinking about what I wanted my legacy to be, and what steps I’d have to take to start living in it…”

“I’ve asked myself time and time again – When all is said and done, what will people say about you?  How are you elevating your audience? What are you doing to contribute to your culture in a positive way? Are you doing a good job of pushing the culture forward? How are you touching people and changing their lives? 

The fact that I can’t answer that right now is problematic for me…”

“…Although it is the end of Necole Bitchie – it’s not the end of my life journey. I’ve only scratched the surface of my true potential.

As I transition into my next chapter over the next few months, and hopefully launch something new and positive, I can only hope for your continued support.

It’s not a ‘good bye!’ per say. It’s a ‘See you soon…”


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