FANNINGOUT: @JanetJackson Stuns Us With A Resting I Went To Sleep Like This Candid Photo After 2 20 Hour Days LOOK:


Usually, I do not post things like this, but JANET IS SOO PRETTY!!!

I am fanning out, but with a bit more detail. Janet Jackson is laying pretty “resting” after working two 20 hour days. Now, I wouldn’t be so put together after working 40 hours, but when you’re Janet I guess anything is possible, but the real scoop is the guy in the photo with her. Known for directing, Dave Meyers, who just recently shot and directed Ciara’s hit video “Dance With We’re Making Love” is now working with Janet? But for what?

Does this mean Janet Jackson is gearing up to release a No Sleeep Video? I mean she is in the photo “sleeping”, is this a sign? Or is he just working on the Tour? Who Knows, but if Dave is directing, It’s going to be MAGICAL!!!!!!

Check out Janet Jackson latest Song “NO SLEEEP”

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