INTERVIEW: The Evolution Of @TQAPLUS From @IAmDiddy “Making The Band” & “Taquita & Kaui” Hear Her Journey LISTEN:



She is well known as Taquita Thorns, but now goes as TQ APLUS and many are wondering where the name came from, where has she been since P Diddy’s “Making The Band” & “Taquita & Kaui” and TheBLACKMedia TALKLIVE has the SCOOP!

TQ APLUS, owner of On Orbit Records, has released several videos and musical journeys (Believe, Nobody But You) that thousands have loved. Known for her unique style in fashion, voice, uplifting spirit, humor and expression TQ APLUS, who now understands she is of the most high, is gearing up to release new music, and a new movement. At the cusp of her APLUS Queendom TQ has called in to TheBLACKMedia TALKLIVE to give us the evolution of TQ APLUS, take a listen:

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