CHARTTOPPING: @MissJillScott New Album “WOMAN” Is The #1 Album In The Country! Her 2nd Number One Hit Record LOOK:


What An Amazing Month For R&B/Soul Music!

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First it was Tyrese, who campaigned for real R&B-Soul Music. Sighting the difficulty being an R&B artist, without the help or use of modern day R&Bism. The typical rap feature, rap-singing style of songs with the same exact sound as every other male R&B artist out there, left many and Tyrese to feel; “R&B is dead…”. If you remember King D’Angelo came back and gave us not only a number one Album “Black Messiah” but classic songs that will last a life time. So, I say, it started with D, Tyrese took over and then the reigning Queen Jill Scott pops back up and I knew, from the gate, she would go number one. Why You Ask? Because Jill is consistent, she gives us great music and she doesn’t rush to do it, she, cooks well, adding seasoning, letting it marinate and then cooking it up serving us something that will stick to our bones, serving us “WOMAN”

Her last album, which is still my favorite album of hers “The Light Of The Sun” went number one selling over 100k in the first week, so it’s no surprise “WOMAN” highly anticipated, also Goes number 1, but this time in a state of emergency. R&B artist typically have a hard time hitting that number one spot, but D’angelo, Tyrese, and Jill has made R&B look amazing! Can’t wait for Erykah and Lauryn to came back with some amazing music. Can we keep this up? Absolutely!!!

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Purchase “WOMAN” on iTunes Today

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