EXCLUSIVE: Tisha Campbell & B. Slade Talk “Steel Here” New Album, Video & More @TishaCampblMrtn @BSladeNow LISTEN:


Tisha Campbell-Martin / B. Slade Interview

Tisha Campbell & B. Slade talk candidly about moments leading up to the release of her latest single “Steel Here”. They talk preparation, writing, producing, the album to come, the music video to come, and where the strength of it all came from. FULL INTERVIEW BELOW;


Multi Grammy nominated singer-songwriter B. Slade whos new album “DELOREAN” just hit iTunes shares moments of him and Tisha in the studio grinding it out. Being an accomplished songwriter himself, it means something when the Slade says Tisha’s pen game is “consummate”. It’s a new space for Tisha, but she’s ready, she’s taking it as serious as all of her other career endeavors and she is putting in work! Listen to the single below:

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