TRUTH: @AzealiaBanks Spews The Truth This Time Via Twitter About The Unfairness And Mistreatment “Black Media” Deals LOOK:


Azealia Banks speaks the truth in a revealing rant via twitter…

Known for her amazing rap skills, willingness to speak out if something isn’t right, and her unwavering awareness of the systematic oppression Afrikan Americans face and that Women face. The Coco Rap Goddess tackles another taboo issue and is made out to be that “angry Black woman” again, but is she really? Or is she speaking a truth so hard to digest tis easier to call her names and defame her? It’s easy to say “it’s her mouth that…” but when you’re telling the truth, it’s never wrong to do so…

It’s hard being woke, understanding the Afrikan plight in America, standing for that, but constantly being berated and mistreated and unsupported at the same time, by the community you represent, especially when the other side is showing you the love you deserve. While you may not agree with everything she writes, I certainly don’t, you will agree with her points on fairness, support, and sexism…

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