TURTLEISLAND: Columbus Day Aka The Day Of The Native American Genocide Exposed

I think the bigger question is…why does America still have a day dedicated to a man and a group of people who’ve committed a well known mass genocide of Americas, or should I say Turtle Island’s first people?!

Why Should We Stop Celebrating Columbus Day?

We should stop celebrating and recognizing columbus as a day of remembrance in joy and thankfulness and start honoring the poor souls who died for us to live here. Columbus day should be Native American Day…here’s why…


  1. christopher columbus did not discover America – Turtle Island (The Americas)
  2. columbus and his settlers killed off the Natives that lived on Turtle Island and renamed it America
  3. columbus was on a trip looking for India but landed on Turtle Island and called the people there Indians which they are NOT… India is in South Asia!
  4. Native Americans still are alive and dealing with a lot of injustices today and must be recognized as people of colour of the Black race the Red race
  5. We should honor the lost souls rather celebrate the ones that killed them.

Yonasda Lonewolf a Native American inspirational speaker and activist sets the record straight it’s a must see interview to further explain and understand why this day must be changed! “The Indians are so naive and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it, if you ask for something they have they never say no” – christopher columbus WATCH:

Oct 9th 2017 Visit:

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