#EPICFoto: Debbie Allen, Denzel Washington, Norm Nixon & Lee Daniels Captured Working On Greys Anatomy Powerful LOOK:



The BLACK Media is proud to present – EPIC FOTO: a series of photos selected once a month archived as a powerful picture unlike any other, and to kick it off we have this super talent driven photo capturing the greats taking a break. Denzel Washington, Debbie Allen, Lee Daniels and Norm Nixon all huddled in one photo is probably the most EPIC picture in television history! Ha! Too much?

Denzel Washington and Debbie Allen are working together on Episode 9 which will be Denzel’s directorial debut on television read more

Apparently while working Denzel and Debbie and husband Norm Nixon was visited by Lee Daniels. Now i’m not sure if the three may have something in the works, but knowing how Lee operates I’m sure he mentioned EMPIRE to Denzel, can you imagine?! 

Debbie has been a director for Greys for a long time, and her husband Norm Nixon an extremely well known former NBA star together run a little empire of their own, ahhhh what I wouldn’t give to just be a fly on the wall in that group of excellence and power! Check out the original tweet posted by Debbie herself:

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