NETFLIXNEWS: Now Streaming “Beasts Of NO Nation” Netflix Buys The Rights To Powerful Film Starring Idris Elba TRAILER:


Streaming Now On Netflix a must see film….

Beast Of No Nation, a film adaptation from the Novel of the same name stars Idris Elba and Ama K. Abebrese, Abraham Attah, Grace Nortey, David Dontoh, and Opeyemi Fagbohungbe. Already everyone is talking about how powerful this film is. The story is about a young child who survives while his country is going through a tragic war. Similar to the God awful movie white supremacist tried to brain wash people with back in 1915, birth of a nation, in name only, this film “Beast Of No Nation” is a triumphant story about hope in an awful situation. Unlike birth of a nation where white folk dressed in black face to portray Afrikan actors, Afrikan people were made to look like savages, sex crazed killers, and white folk were made to look like the hero that came to save the day….This movie “Beast Of No Nation” stands alone in it’s wonders check out the trailer:

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