[PHOTO]: Chrisette Michele Is Getting MARRIED!! Check Out What The Grammy Award Winner Had To Say & See Who Hubby Is:


Awwww You’d think she was apart of my family how happy I am for her….

Chrisette Michele is getting married! It was rumored her and, I guess now ex-boyfriend Guitar Slayer were over…but you know The B.L.A.C.K Media does not cover gossip and rumors, so we waited for this…

Chrisette Michele known for her honesty and openness with her fans, the Rich Hipsters, took to Instagram/Twitter today to announce something in the midst of her new single “Steady” something very special LOOK:


Happier than ever Chrisette is marrying what seems to be long time friend Doug Ellison. If you remember back in 2008 Chrisette Michele dropped the case to sue Ellison for harassment and embezzlement who was her dougellison_chrisettemichele_theblackmediamanager and executive producer for her first two albums. I guess that’s what she means when she states; “this moment shows that true love lasts thru the ups and downs of life…” Doug known for his work with rapper Chinx and a list of other production and management credits has seemingly won her over. The photo (right) shows the two of them together back in 2006. You never know what God has planned for you….

C O N G R A T S   D O U G & C H R I S E T T E   M I C H E L E   E L L I S O N !!

Catch Doug gushing over her on Instagram I love B.L.A.C.K Love!


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  1. How sweet, I’ll be sure to tell her! Check out her new song. Search Chrisette Michele in TheBLACKMedia.org search bar!

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