[FIRSTLOOK] Tyrese & Rev Run TalkShow “Its Not YOU, It’s MEN” On OWN TV Tisha Campbell Serves As First Guest LOOK:


Thinking outside of the box, this is surely a hit talkshow on the way….


Tyrese and Rev Run team up to give television viewers something never done before. Two men, one talk show, titled; “Its NOT You, It’s MEN”. Such a strong title leaves you to think, what in the world would this show be about? Well if it’s on OWN you know it’s going to be good, groundbreaking, and a huge conversation starter. The show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before according to Tisha Campbell, who serves as the shows first special guest, check out this Instagram photo she posted:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 4.57.01 PM

Tyrese even previewed him in a Batman Suit on his Instagram, what is this show going to be about!? Hilarious LOOK:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 5.06.49 PM


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  1. I love the show ,great topics but I have a ? That I would love for you to cover ,I am married and I ask my husband to polish my toe nails and he thinks it a gay thing to do I think it’s showing love what you guys think.

  2. Thanks for reading! And thanks for your comment. A man who thinks anything is gay other than actual gay acts is not a Man in my opinion, but maybe he was joking and don’t actually think it’s gay, maybe he just feels uncomfortable, but he shouldn’t, it don’t change who he is doing something kind for his WIFE.

  3. Show is for laugh and jokes. Topics of placing men to be wrong in every aspect of the relationship is wrong. It should. Show women equality in what’s neede and expected in relationships.

  4. I love this show. There is nothing out there currently like it. It gives open, honest dialogue. And they have a variety of guests that have different views. I will continue to watch this show.

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