[VIDEO] Sister Souljah’s New Book “A Moment Of Silence” Out Today | Watch Her Give That WOKE Knowledge INTERVIEW:


Sister Souljah is more than just an author, she is HOPE….

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Worldly known for writing the best seller “The Coldest Winter Ever”, Sister Souljah is back with another amazing book! “A Moment Of Silence – Midnight III”. Sister Souljah is the epitome of an activist, SOULdier, trooper for people of colour, truth speaker, story teller, and all around intellect. This college educated historian and alum of Rutgers University has given her time and dedicated her life to the hope of change, and helping our communities to become what we are meant to be…which is great!

During the interview with 105.1 The Breakfast Club, she speaks on things that many would never tackle. In true Sister Souljah fashion, her truth, the truth will be said;

QUOTES: “…well I think sometimes brothers don’t think about brotherhood until they’re cuffed and chained to the next man…” [Speaking On Midnight]

“…to whose benefit does it serve for your children to be ignorant…?” [Speaking To DJ Envy About His Children’s Schools Not Requiring Reading At Home] FULL ANSWER

“…it all goes back to the plantation my brother…you know? You got the white master and his wife…and you know they talk down to black people, they talk down! to black people, which doesn’t mean they haven’t done anything good for black people, but there were some kind slave masters also…but they’re still slave masters…and they still think of you as slaves so when i think of things i think of it metaphorically related to the plantation you know…I say oh well Hilary Clinton …she worked for Obama and she even talked down to Obama the commander and chief while she was under his command…” [On Hilary Clinton Running For Office] FULL ANSWER

Sister Souljah says she got her start writing after her mother told her to watch her tone of voice. Sister Souljah, as a child, figured out, “if I write it down, I can’t get in trouble for it…”. That started Souljah on her path. Writing and starting school news papers, and continued writing from there. She even had a stint in hip-hop as a rapper, but it was writing books that catapulted her into who we know today.

She was and still is a powerful voice for and in the community that rattled politics of the past, and I’m sure of today, in a good way. The best way. No one ever changed anything in the revolution without ruffling up some feathers, and Sister Souljah ain’t here to make you feel comfortable. Be uncomfortable with our marginalization, BE uncomfortable with our oppression, and be uncomfortable with the cycle we are continuing on as a people. She speaks more at Hot 97 on this watch:

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