[VIDEO] Kirk Franklin Life Changing Interview Talks Church, Sin, Homosexuality, And Truth WATCH:


Kirk Franklin gives you the truth ….

“…creative people, are working in the image of God the creator, when creative people are not plugged into the creator the creative being is too heavy for creative people to carry on their on…”

This interview was amazing. As a Christian man, I completely agree with the answers to the questions The Breakfast Club asked Kirk. Feelings on promiscuity, homosexuality, sin, God, church vs religion, should you go, should you not go, the reality shows involving preachers, being a creator, suicide and so much more. It’s NOT preachy, it’s not the answers you’d expect, it’s not authoritative, he’s not telling you what you should do, he is spilling the beans on his own life using his own experiences to say this is what I went through learn from my mistakes, its just the truth, it’s God and God shines through him like you’ve never seen it before…Watch:


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