[PETITION] Aaliyah For Mac Will Happen? | Fans Start Petition And Mac Cosmetics Are Listening LOOK:


Aaliyah for Mac just may happen….

Sign Petition Here

Fans started a strong petition to get MAC COSMETICS to ink a deal with Aaliyah’s estate Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 4.58.00 PMto release a limited time Aaliyah/Mac line. Fans understanding that Aaliyah always enjoyed Mac’s products when she was alive thought it would only make sense for Mac and Aaliyah’s team to release something epic for the fans. And it may happen!!!

After getting the word out about this petition, Aaliyah’s official twitter page, that has supported the action from inception tweets, and retweets about it! The Goal 10,000 signatures, with over 9,000 and counting, they may just reach their goal!

MAC is looking and waiting, and so are we, hopefully they reach their goal, if you want you too can join in on the petition and visit AALIYAH FOR MAC sign and help fans reach their goal!

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