[VIDEO] Shonda Rhimes & Oprah Winfrey Views On Marriage & Why They’ll Never Get Married WATCH:


Two powerful women, two voices, one answer that many are shocked by….

I have no idea why some are bothered by this. Shonda and Oprah both state that marriage, just isn’t for them. And folk are upset! Huh? I guess its this patriarchal white supremacist society we live in that tells us that “white jesus” said a Woman is less than a man. A Woman should clean, cook, please her man, and basically do nothing else….Considering Oprah and Shonda are both forces of light, boss’s, and powerfully inspirational women of colour, I’d bet that Black Jesus…aint too keen on that white jesus theory and agrees with me in saying that; it just aint for everybody. Watch Oprah give us something that she never told the world before:

“…you’re suppose to want it..and if you don’t want it whats wrong with you…its fascinating to me…and I always knew, I was one of those people since I was five, I could tell you I was gonna have kids, I could tell you I was gonna have three, I could tell you they were gonna be girls…but I have never wanted to get married…” -Shonda Rhimes


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