[SOLUTION] Photoshop & El Capitan Zoom, Tool Bar, Resizing and more FIX:


Ever since I updated my Macbook Professional to OS X EL Capitan…

I’ve been experiencing issues with Photoshop CS5. Things like, freezing, and completely shutting off after I worked three hours on a one sheet document, NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! Upset, I researched how to fix this.

My zoom stopped working, my keyboard shortcuts also stopped working, and more…I found a SOLUTION:

If you find your keyboard short cuts stop working. While in photoshop, I opened spotlight. I noticed the problem started after that, so if this is you, simply open photoshop, re-open spotlight and click off of it onto photoshop, and test your keyboard shortcuts.

If the above doesn’t work, restarting your computer and quoting photoshop doesn’t work, Adobe has provided a solution, and after downloading it and following the steps, It works! No issues at all, I will be back for an update just in case their temporary fix starts acting up, but so far, so good…


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